How to disable plugin addon software install in Firefox


Unlike Internet Explorer and other browsers, Firefox browser can be customized to a great extend by installing plugin addon software. There are number of plugin extensions available for adding different features to Firefox browser. Incase you want to prevent installation of plugins in Firefox – checkout following procedure to disable install capability.

Disable & prevent Firefox plugin software install

1. Open Firefox browser on the computer.
2. Type about:config in address bar (where we type website URL).
3. On the warranty screen, click “I’ll be careful, I promise!’ button.


4. Scroll down to bottom, right click xpinstall.enabled & click Toggle option. Its status will change from True to Flase.
5. Restart Firefox browser (close and open it again).


You will get above message, if you attempt to install any Firefox plugin addon software after the above settings change. You can reverse and allows plugin install by clicking toggle option to change status from false to true. Simple way to prevent and disable any plugin / extension install in Firefox browser.



  1. i agree with jas. I have to disable the extensioninstallation and the user should not be allowed to enable this feature. How can I block than notification so the user cannot activate the feature again?

  2. Guys, I found it !!!

    You just need to download the addon called Public Fox. This will allow you to block downloads or changes on your firefox.

    “Block downloads, lock down bookmarks/addons/downloads with a password.”

    Pretty good addon!

  3. True at above comment. I’m still looking for a way to completly disable installation of extra addons and plugins. This is good specially for guest accounts and whatsoever, so that people won’t accidentally install toolbars and other crap..

  4. The warning that pops up has an enable button on it. So what is the point of disabling the install if you can just enable it again? One more mouse click does not stop anyone from installing anything. If you could make the xpinstall value read only that would be useful.

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