Digg with Ease using Official Digg FireFox Toolbar

For starters, digg is a popular bookmarking website where users submit links and vote on links submitted by other users. With Digg FireFox toolbar you can submit and track your diggs without actually going to the website. A notification windows is in-built into the toolbar which inform

When was Webpage Last Updated, Hot Tip to Reveal all

Interested in knowing webpage's last updated date? As pointed by CompuWorld, it is easy to determine the last updated date for blogs (as it is published in most blogs). However, this is not easy and straight forward for main stream websites. To check webpage's last updated date, here is

Download Fashion GLOSS Edition of Flock Browser

Flock web browser has been around for a while now. Here is Flock's attempt to be in news and cater to section of users interesting in gossip pink stuff. It has released pinkED up version of Flock Browser called Gloss edition. It is re-branded version of Flock browser for people

Open Multiple Websites when you start FireFox

Most of us use default FireFox configuration. When you start FireFox, homepage of ONE website opens up (as set in startup configuration). If you have set yahoo as startpage, yahoo.com will open up by itself whenever FireFox browser is started. Do you know we can open multiple websites

Check blog/website look & design in different browsers

More and more people are using browser other than Internet Explorer. Firefox is the front runner in non-Microsoft browser. As a blogger or webmaster it is very important that your blog/site has consistent look in all browsers. Unfortunately, you have to put in some extra tags to achieve