MS Paint in Windows 7, new look Ribbon UI

Like many other Window applications, Microsoft Paint also get looks makeover in Windows7 operating system. It now sports ribbon UI (user interface) at the top, allowing easy access to different features of MS paint. Following screenshot explains it all: Related - Windows7 Wordpad with

Free Domain Name for one year from Microsoft

Microsoft Office Live Small Business is offering free domain name for period of one year. After one year you have to pay $15 per year (not bad!). So, you can easily grab dot com, net, org domains are cool price of $0 While this offer is very attractive, make sure to read all terms and

Window7 Beta on Microsoft website, Download when?

Microsoft is eager to drop curtains on much anticipated Windows7 operating system. Latest in addition is launch of Windows7 Beta page on Microsoft website. It gives introduction about Windows7 and links to official announcement blogs. There is no active download links as of now. It

Microsoft Makes you WORK in ‘Windows on Bus’

In times of economic meltdown, job cutting, downsizing - what good way to get more from your employees? Well, Microsoft has the answer - sort off! As soon as Microsoft employees step into bus

Windows Azure, Cloud OS from Microsoft revealed

It was suppose to be Windows Strata and finally (& officially) it has been unveiled as Windows Azure - the cloud operating system from Microsoft. With Azure, Microsoft gets all ready to show its claws and hurt leading cloud computing players like Amazon and Google.

Google Special Search for Apple, Microsoft, Linux

Google Search is simple and straight forward - just open the homepage, type the query and get results on the fly. There are advanced options to refine search further. To help you dig out results specific to certain

Chat & Watch Videos together with Messenger TV

Get set to watch videos and chat with friends simultaneously with Messenger TV. It allows you to watch MSN Videos with a friend as you have live text conversations about the videos you are watching together. Similar to watching television with your friends, you can watch videos and chat

Download Microsoft Silverlight Desktop Wallpaper

Microsoft Silverlight has own official wallpaper now. Microsoft released an awesome desktop wallpaper for this product. I am sure you want to download it and grace your desktop, this beauty will be on my desktop atleast for a week. For starters, Microsoft Silverlight is a

Microsoft’s Live Search 411 to take on Google’s 411

Microsoft seems to be in over drive to catch up with Google in every application and sevice. Microsoft has now launched its Local Search called 'Live Search 411'. It will compete will 'Google411' Local Search. US residents can use toll-free access from any phone, by dialling