Open ‘Windows Phone’ like virtual keyboard on Windows 8

Windows Phone operating system feature neat virtual keyboard which support easy typing on touch interface devices. You can open and use similar virtual keyboard on Windows 8 operating system. Option to enable on-screen virtual keyboard is in-built by default in Windows 8 operating system.

Enable 16 bit application support on Windows 8

Windows 8 operating system comes with in-built option for supporting 16 bit applications. Now you can play those vintage DOS based games on Windows 8 systems without any third party hacks. Unlike in Windows 7 and Vista where you have install apps like DOS box for such support. With

Enable File History to backup & restore files on Windows 8

File History is a new Windows 8 feature allowing recovery in an event of system crash. File History feature is similar to System Restore but it allows you to store backup of files on external drive like USB pen drive, external hard drive and so on. This feature allows you to create backup

Login Windows 8 automatically without entering password

Just like Windows 7, upcoming Windows 8 operating system also feature concept of user accounts. You can create one or more user accounts and use either to login and use your Windows 8 computer. The routine of entering password everytime you start Windows 8 is boring and time consuming. You

Remove Paste options bar in MS Word 2010

If you are regular Microsoft Word 2010 program user, then "Paste Options" box might figure as most irritating feature. By default, when you press Ctrl + V keys to paste copied text - paste options box appears. It provides quick options to paste text: with original formatting, merged

Shortcut to find folder location of Office documents

Are you trying to locate specific Microsoft Office document file on your Windows computer? Efforts to find Office document file can get to nerves, if you are using manual method of checking each and every folder for the file. There are few smart and easy ways to find Office document file

Change view webpage source code program in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer browser uses in-built 'view source' program by default for displaying webpage's HTML and other source code details. While the default viewer is neat and displays webpage source in an organized format - you can still switch to a different program application for viewing

Download Office 2010 screensaver with video tips & tricks

Learning to use an application software program by manually reading help tutorials can be real boring. If you are getting to know Microsoft Office 2010, then here is avery unique and interesting way to quickly learn on 'how to use various tools in Microsoft Office 2010' - through Office

Update MS Office 2010 with Service Pack 1

Microsoft has released Service Pack 1 (SP1) software update for Microsoft Office 2010 Windows users. You can grab this free update for Office 2010 software on your Windows PC for improvements in stability, performance and security. If are not regularly updating Microsoft Office 2010

Add command ‘search box’ to ribbon in MS Office 2010

Ribbon interface was added to Microsoft Office 2007 and was carried forward with Office 2010. Users upgrading from MS Office 2003 to 2007 saw the huge change in user interface as a result of ribbon addition. While it is useful in tabbing different options in more neat manner, few users

Disable Bing access to your Facebook information

Bing social search uses Facebook profile information to display more customized search results based on your Facebook activity. You can easily connect Facebook profile with Bing search and enable social search features of Bing. While this is useful for better results incorporating your

Connect Facebook profile with Bing search

Bing search from Microsoft has become more social through Facebook. You can easily enable social search on Bing by connecting your Facebook profile with Bing Search. Social search will display more customized and relevant search results through your Facebook activity details. You can