Show blank page on new home & tab in Firefox

New version (13) of Firefox browser is available for download now. Latest release pack in lot of improvements and new features like Reset Firefox. Most notable is redesigned look of new home and new tab pages. While elements displayed on new home and new tab are useful while browsing, few

Always open Chrome, Firefox & IE in full screen mode

Full screen mode is supported by majority of modern web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Ideally you need to manually activate to use web browser in full screen mode. Unfotunately, there is no pre-defined option to keep full screen mode

Reset Firefox to default state to fix problems

Over period of time lot of problems can emerge like slowness, crashing, unwanted toolbars while using web browser. Instead of complex troubleshooting steps, one can easily fix such issues by resetting web browser to factory default settings. Besides ability to reset Google Chrome to

Recover deleted favorite bookmarks in Google Chrome & Firefox

Maintaining bookmarks (favorite links) is an important aspect of web browser usage. We bookmark specific webpages or websites as favorite for quicker access in future browsing sessions. Over a period of time, we tend to build big list of bookmarks of various websites of interest. With

Read epub files in Firefox & Google Chrome

Trying to open an ebook file? It will be most likely in an epub file format. We have already discussed on number of tools to create epub format ebook files. Majority of internet users live in their default web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. You can easily add epub support to your

How to update Firefox to latest version

Mozilla release new version of Firefox browser software regularly. As expected, new Firefox version promises more enhancement, performance and features addition. It is always recommended to update Firefox browser to newer and latest version. Firefox support automatic updates feature that

Remove Facebook news ticker box in Firefox, Chrome, Safari

After every few days we have new Facebook design interface. While few improvements are welcomed but introducting radical changes here and there annoy regular Facebook users to the core. Latest Facebook annoyance is highly distracting new updates Ticker box at top right side of Facebook

Enable ActiveX controls in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

ActiveX controls from websites and online services in web browser may be required to run specific functionality, for example using web based email like Yahoo Mail. However, due to security concerns associated with ActiveX controls - various web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox do

Close Firefox tabs with double or triple click on webpage

By default, one has to move mouse to the end of tab button and then click X sign to close specific opened tab. Modern web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox also support closing of tab by middle button click (wheel press). Do you want to make closing of tabs routine in Firefox browser

Hide & remove Favicons in Chrome & Firefox tabs

Favicons are small icon images that are displayed next to each website name on the tab of web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. While favicons provide colorful and unique way to identify specific websites - they also result in cluttered look. If you prefer simple and neat browsing

Add back to ‘top of page’ button in Chrome & Firefox

Webpages with lot of content require scrolling down as we read more content. While scrolling down is easy as we motion along reading interesting content, same is not true for scrolling up. Few webpages provide 'Back to top of webpage' , 'skip to top' buttons to quickly go to top or start