Google Chrome replaces Firefox in Google Pack

Google Pack is a free download package offered by Google with collection of free software selected by Google. Web browser Firefox has been prominent part of this Google Pack. Now with Google's own Chrome web browser, Firefox is being pushed out as default web browser. Google pack has

Private Web Browsing, Firefox all ready ‘p0rn mode’

Private web browsing is the most talked feature of any new or existing web browser. Often referred as 'porn mode', this feature can guarantee a particular web browser all the news and limelight. Well, Firefox laps up private mode (porn mode?) with release of Firefox 3.1 Beta2. IE8

Portable Firefox with splash of Google Love, FoxGlove

If you love using different Google services and products like Chrome, reader, email etc within Firefox web browser - then you will for sure love FoxGlove portable Firefox with splash of Google love. It is portable Firefox that looks like Google Chrome with integrated access to loads of

‘Fashion your Firefox’ Customize Firefox, the easy way

'Fashion your Firefox' makes your Firefox browser from simple to spectacular. It is a new 'thingie' for new Firefox users who often tend to get lost on which plugin to install and use. This feature from Mozilla make 'Firefox customization' process easy and saves lot of time. To get

Sync, Export & Import Firefox, IE, Chrome Bookmarks

Google Chrome got many new users. Opera's new version impressed many to try out this web browser and so did Flock 2.0 While we can easily switch and jump to new web browser, our important bookmarks are left behind with the old web browser. Well, not anymore - make the process of import

29 Cool Firefox Themes from Customize

Want to spice up Firefox with colorful, jazzy look. Download and install Firefox themes to give little makeover to your Firefox browser. has cool list of

Update Twitter, FaceBook & FriendFeed via FireStatus

If love sending constant updates to your Twitter, FaceBook and FriendFeed accounts - then you will for sure love FireStatus. It is a Firefox 3 extension that allows you to send status updates, notes and URL links simultaneously to multiple social networks and services. It also

Zoom Text on a webpage to adjust with your eyes

Few webmasters will dare visitors in making them read very small text on their webpages. Constantly changing text zoom back and forth as you visit different sites can be real painful at times. We have already seen cool alternative 'Easy Read' for IE users to change text size in IE when

Download FireFox 3 & Set Guinness World Record

FireFox 3, the next version of FireFox Browser might just create web history and set a Guinness World Record if you can do your bit. All you have to do is get Firefox 3 during Download Day to help set the record for most software downloads in 24 hours. Besides contributing to set World

Open Multiple Websites when you start FireFox

Most of us use default FireFox configuration. When you start FireFox, homepage of ONE website opens up (as set in startup configuration). If you have set yahoo as startpage, will open up by itself whenever FireFox browser is started. Do you know we can open multiple websites

Use Multiple Email Accounts without logging Off

With so many different types of web services available, one tends to have more than one email address with different hosts. Like, if you have more than one email address on Yahoo and Gmail. Normally you would have to log out from one so as to login into another. Well, this is thing of