Convert any webpage Grayscale, Flush out Colors !


While we already know the trick to flush out colors from ‘Google logo’ in a single click. How about doing the same to any webpage online? Unlike ‘Google logo’ losing colors, this does not involve any trick but a full blown web application.

GrayBit is a cool web application which can flush out colors from any webpage with a single click. Besides having little fun, this tool is useful in checking out the real visibility and contrast of a webpage.

Converting colors to their grayscale equivalents provide more reliable view of visibility and contrast. Using GrayBit is very easy and basic. Just enter the URL and click on ‘Make it Gray’ button and its done!

GrayBit can provide a good view of Grayscale version of a webpage but it does has its limitations. Links produced using javascripts like that of Google ads etc show their real colors. Still, worth a try. Checkout GrayBit


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