Dekho at New Colorful Look of ZoomTV’s website


Zoom TV Isko Dekho, India’s first lifestyle channel which is now reduced to bollywood and TV gossip/masala channel is looking for new life. Zoom TV recently revamped its website for good (or bad!)

Why? Channel is interested in offering its content of interviews and other celebrity bytes through its website.

Well, new look is good and appealing to eyes, but they need to check few other things for good browsing experience.

For starters, Zoom TV is owned by people who run, Times of India, Filmfare etc. They are legends of being successful in entertainment space, but Zoom TV is still to see light of the day.

Also revamp was very crucial, since now there is competition for the channel in the form of NDTV Good Times, a lifestyle channel. Coming to website click here and you do a dekho yourself. Yeah, lot of color to appeal to eyes, but what about the following….

There is no focus point on the homepage of the website, one just cannot decide which part of site should be explored first. As any wise man would say, get best content in the front and in focus. Probably they can learn from their sister site (awesome look and focus!)

Too many graphics leave you helpless as to which hot babe one should click at first, again a focus issue. Man, reduce the number of thumbs or pics there.

Flash files that display the main content does not seem to load or are pathetically slow. Tested on 256Kbps and 512Kbps connection, not very good result.

Flash based gallery? Probably trying to get too stylish, but I am sure no will dekho (or look!) at those miniature pics in present times of high quality and large resolution pics!

Only worth thing, videos loaded up fine and yes they do have some exclusive stuff there. However if videos fail to load for you, then you can check Zoom TV’s official channel on, it already got over three million views! I am sure Youtube won’t disappoint you.

As far Zoom Website ( is concerned, probably they need to do a re-dekho(re-look). Looks are fine, but if website response time is so big, no will probably come for another Dekho!

UPDATE: Story title has been edited as a result Zoom website now loading better.



  1. hi! this is misba and i want 2 see the video of fardin khan getting married 2 natasha

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