Do a Quick Virus check in a Minute with NanoScan


Tired of seeing your Anti-virus software running scan for ever! Here is an instant scanner that searches for viruses, spyware and other threats. It can detect, in less than a minute, a huge number of threats that could be running on your PC right now.

It only detects threats on the system and does not remove them. However, you can surely remove them using linked utility called ‘Total Scan’. Get a quick scan using NanoScan and get malicious stuff removed using TotalScan and its all FREE.

My system scan took 49 seconds to complete. When you start scan, it will ask you to install a cab file for the scanning process. Installation hardly takes few seconds. Thankfully my system is all clear from malicious stuff. Here are some key features of NanoScan:

  • It is downloaded and scans in approximately 1 minute.
  • It takes about 400k (while other scanners take 20-30MB).
  • It also finds threats that have not yet been identified
  • It detects over 2,718,961 viruses, spyware and other known threats.

NanoScan: WebsiteAboutTotalScan

Very quick way to get system checked for virus and other malicious stuff, even when you have Anti-Virus installed on your system. In case any threat is detected by NanoScan, make sure you remove/delete it using your Anti-Virus software or using TotalScan. Play safe!


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