Make free Family Tree online with photos


More and more families are getting divided to become nuclear families. But that does not mean all love is lost. In today’s materialistic world we can still keep relations alive, if one desire so. One handy way to stay in touch with your extended family is through Family Tree reference. One can easily create family tree online using free family tree maker tools and services.

Things required before Creating Family Tree

1. Collect your family data including family history, names of family members, gender, birth dates, birth places, death dates, ancestral places and other important places of stay.

free online family tree maker tools

2. Make draft chart indicating your relationship with other members including: parents, children, siblings, grand parents, uncles and more. This is the required ground work before you actually start creating family tree.

Free online tools for creating Family Tree

1. – It is an easy to use free online service for making family tree along with photo sharing. It has secure privacy features allowing you to keep date private. It also offer free “family tree builder” download-able software.

2. – Using this online service you can easily create family (genealogy) tree. To get started, add names of your relative and ancestors or simply import GEDCOM file to quickly generate your ancestry’s genealogy tree.

3. – It has very basic interface but does job of creating family tree quickly. You can start by adding your relatives information. It also support import of GEDCOM or family script files for automatic family tree creation.

While creating family tree you may not know details of every relative or person connected to you. You can leave blank spaces in the tree and add information as you discover more details in future course of action. There are many offline ways to find more information like talking to relatives, visiting ancestral places. Online means include people searching via popular website like Google and Facebook.


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