Ghost, a Virtual online operating system


Ghost stands for Global Hosted Operating System. It is a virtual online operating system that let you do things in real.

It has most of basic things found in an operating system like Browser, file viewer, email programs, word processor, clocks etc.

It is surely very innovative idea to develop such an application. It can help you manage you photos, documents and all other stuff with a single login. Basis features of Ghost include:

  • Access your desktop, data and apps from any browser.
  • Free 3GB Storage for files and 3GB for Mail.
  • Launch Web apps with a single sign-in and without installation.
  • Rely on fully automated professional security, backup and updates.
  • Complete privacy, close the browser & all traces of activities are gone.

Ghost: WebsiteGhost Virtual computer

Note: When you first open Ghost website, it will be launched in a popup window. Make sure you temporarily allow pop-ups or disable pop-up blocker for sometime.

Yeah this is very good service to use, however the speed with which things move may not impress you. I found this very slow, just like by Blogoscoped, who even made screen-cast to show the not so speedy things of Ghost. You can surely give a shot once!


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