Going WordPress Way, Movable Type Goes Open Source


Why is WordPress Blogging/content management system so popular? Yes it is Free, but most importantly it is open source. Anyone can download and modify code as per requirements. This has resulted in number of improvements in this software and of course huge community offering different Add-ons, plugins and themes.

Movable Type seems to be heading in the same direction, WordPress Way! Few months back they announced open source plans with release of MT 4 Beta. Finally they have gone ‘open source’ with Movable Type Open Source (MTOS). Here are some key features:

  • MTOS has every feature in MT 4.0 with few improvements & fixes.
  • All plugins, themes, templates, APIs etc of MT4 will work in MTOS.
  • Support for an unlimited no. of blogs, authors & sign-in with OpenID.
  • Paid benefits for people who’ve paid for commercial licenses for MT.
  • MTOS is being released under the standard GPL license.

Number of popular website use Movable Type as their blogging/CMS system. It surely has core structure and features to support any kind of website. However, with WordPress so popular and improving day by day, Movable Type may find going tough among ‘Open source’ followers.  [via]

Movable Type Open Source: WebsiteDownloadFAQs

Will I shift from WordPress? Not at all, WordPress powers me with the all features currently needed. Switchover may happen if WordPress fail to provide me feature I desperately need (which I doubt). Anyway, happy blogging be it WordPress or Movable Type. Both of them rock!


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