Hide Startup Splash screens for all applications


Are you tired of splash screen appearing when an application is started? If yes, overcome your tiredness and kill those Splash screens with ‘SplashKiller’.

With this small utility you can hide startup splash screen of applications and directly see the application window. It really save you from having to:

  • Find a ‘no splash screen’ option (if one exists) in the application.
  • Modify your registry to turn off a splash screen.
  • Hack the application itself to remove the splash screen.

No need to perform any of the above step. Just download ‘SplashKiller’ utility (31.4Kb zip) and kill those splash screen forever. Please note, it can kill and hide most of common splash screens.

However, there could be some splash screen this utility may not able to hide. Still a good enough utility to hide those irritating splash screen and having to see them again and again!


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