Issue with FireFox? Solve by chatting with Mozilla


Do you have any issue with your FireFox browser and googling round did not help enough? Well now there is alternative to dig out answers to FireFox questions from official means. Mozilla, the company behind ‘FireFox’ has launched Live chat support. This is really good news for all FireFox users, I am sure there so many!

Features of Firefox chat support service

[Update] Mozilla has stopped chat support service for now. You can explore Firefox support webpage for fixing issues with Firefox browser. [Old article continues] This chat support is only open for few hours. You can check if chat is open by checking out the status of ‘Foxkeh’ (see image of fox). Basic features of this chat support are:

  • Chat is done by volunteers & not Mozilla employees.
  • Only English chat is available as of now.
  • You don’t have to provide any personal information to chat.

This chat support is only for FireFox users and for issues with other products look for other alternatives like Mozilla’s IRC network. So if you have any issue customizing or using your favorite FireFox browser then you can get help on this chat. At present hours of operation are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9am to 12pm PST (GMT -8) Tuesday and Thursday: 1pm to 4pm PST (GMT -8).

In case you are a FireFox expert and want to join group of volunteers on the other side of this chat support then click here. You will have to install ‘Spark’ a third party application to take questions from users. So get chatty with ‘Foxkeh’ either as user with¬†some FireFox issues or as a FireFox expert/volunteer to help others. Click here to Start Chat


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