Give Ubuntu, the Windows 7 look [transformation pack]


Are you a regular Ubuntu user and amazed by glitzy user interface of Windows 7 operating system? Now you can keep working on Ubuntu and enjoy the visual appeal of Windows 7 using Win7 Transformation Pack for Ubuntu. It renders Windows 7 operating system look to your Ubuntu powered system.


The download package contains customized elements like: GDM theme, Icons Theme, GTK Theme, Wallpapers, Sounds, Gnomenu theme, Panel Backgrounds, Cursor theme and DockBar. So, if you happen to use Ubuntu – download Win7 Transformation Pack for Ubuntu and visualize the change in user interface. Do share feedback after the pack install!



  1. Use Windows. Problem solved.

  2. half the stuff does not load right on 9.10

  3. ok , i have downloaded it and extracted it also. now what do i do from there?
    theres so many folders in the extract. what is what .which is which and where do it all goes to?

    installation tutorial required.

  4. I can see this being used a work, to hide the fact i may be using linux, and not the corporate windows crap.

  5. \m/

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