Add print this post button to your WordPress Blog


Majority of readers will bookmark the stuff they like, however some of them prefer to print posts or articles straightaway for future reference and reading.

The default print option in browser can lead to broken and uneven priting of elements in the article. For WordPress users here comes an option to add ‘Print this post’ button to every post/article.

When you click on the print button, post contents are reloaded in  very clean format ready for print. Also, the article or post URL and other referenced links are shown at the end of the article for future reference of the websites itself. Here is screenshot of actual and printable page:

WP-Print Plugin: Website for download & more info

Check out the live working example of this WordPress Print plugin here. Very handy plugin to print articles quickly and with ease. Ideal for blogs with lenghty and timeless posts, for example articles related to well-being, health etc. [via– DailyBlogTips]



  1. With some work, this turned out very nice. I have a food blog and develop them for others using WordPress; we want JUST the recipe to print. Had to modify both the print-posts.php page and css…but now that it’s done, it works perfectly using the method wherein the user assigns sections not for printing and details area for print and all that outputs is the recipe.

  2. Great feature!
    Think it should become part of the wordpress 2.9 distribution!
    What’s by the way the most obvious way to put the link at a certain position (php code) ?

  3. Thanks for the great tips.

  4. Hmmm, I am tempted to try this.

  5. Very useful and timely information for my WordPress blog. Thanks Terry McDonald

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