All New Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista out


Finally Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista is out. It is a preview version that is specially designed for Windows Vista operating system. Since it is a pre-beta version, some features may be missing as Yahoo is working overtime to get this baby ready.

New Stuff? Since it is for Vista, the interface is all glassy and jazzed up. It allows you to ‘drag & drop’ favorite contacts into the Windows Sidebar gadget. Here are some key features:

  • Number of skins to play around with.
  • Send & share files as large as 2 GB.
  • Spell check specific for chatting lingo, eg: ‘LOL’ is not a mistake!
  • Use slider to adjust display size of contacts.
  • Arrange your contact list into multiple columns.
  • Use Contact Search Bar to find contacts.

Note: If you are using Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 or 9.0 on your Vista PC, you can continue using it. Messenger for Vista will be installed to a different directory so you can launch one version or the other depending on what you need.

Messenger for Vista: See PreviewDownloadVideo Demo

This Messenger will only work on Windows Vista as it is specifically designed for the same. If you are a Vista users, you can surely give this try. Finally Vista users have something to cheer with more & more application coming out specifically for Windows Vista.  [via]


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