Bunch Multiple Links into One Weblink with LinkBunch


Season of URL manipulation services is in full swing. After LinkBlip that provide you instant email notification when your customized link is clicked, here comes linkbunch. This free web app lets to bunch multiple links into a single weblink.

As pointed by the creator Aalaap… “Often you find several linkson the web that you want to share on services such as instant messengers (Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, etc.) or microblogging platforms such as Twitter (which has a 140-character limit) and Pownce (which only has one link field). With LinkBunch, you take all those links and put them into one “bunch”, which is just one single link.”

Using this service is really easy, just paste or manually type multiple weblinks and click on ‘Bunch’ button. You will get special URL in the form: http://linkbun.ch/xyz

Forward the resultant URL to your friends. You an access all the original links by opening resultant bunch(ed) link. You can also use it’s FireFox extension for integration in your FireFox browser. Twitter bot is also in offering soon.

LinkBunch: WebsiteFireFox ExtensionMore Info 

Overall, a cool service to send loads of links with one bunch(ed) link. Found this service on Madhur’s Sunday Link post.



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