Capture, join, save & download Google Maps offline


There are times we need to save (& further print) specific area on Google Maps which is bigger than our screen area. Ideally, we will use Print Scrn button to take screenshot of viewable Google Maps area and then join multiple screenshots for complete view of required area as seen on Google Maps. This process of taking screenshots and joining individual images can be very hectic and time consuming.


Google Map Buddy application makes this process real easy. To get started, select the area on Google Map that you want to save. This application will automatically take screenshots and join them seamlessly for complete selected view. This application is ideal for Google Maps capture and printing, showing large areas that usually spill over our screensize. Download Google Map Buddy [via] to capture, join and print Google Maps without hectic manual effort.



  1. A quando la versione che registra anche le immagini satellitari?

    Arch. Emilie Rollandin

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