Take full webpage screenshot image online

Do you want to capture and save full webpage screenshot as an image? You can easily do this online in few simple mouse clicks without need to install any software. Using free online tools, you can grab screenshot image of any website webpage URL of your choice and save it as PNG or JPEG

Take screenshots in Windows 7 with Snipping tool

Do you want to take custom screenshots of the screen without using Prtscn button on keyboard? In-built feature of Snipping tool makes this an easy and quick routine. It allows you to neatly capture any part of the image that is visible or displayed on the desktop screen. Take snapshots

Download & Save Google Maps as images on PC

Google Maps is an interesting way to explore geography and terrain of different countries, cities and places around the world. We have already seen Google Map Buddy that allows you to join and save Google Maps. Google Map Saver is more easy and portable tool to grab screenshot of Google

Record My Desktop: Screencasting on Linux

Are you looking for easy to use screencasting software for GNU / Linux? "Record My Desktop" allows you to create easy screencasts with sound on your Linux based computer. It has command line tool that helps you perform basic tasks of capturing and encoding the screen activity in the form

Capture website screenshot of full / specific region in Firefox

Shooter is a cool Firefox plugin for taking quick screenshot of webpages viewed in Firefox browser. You can capture screenshot of full page or specific selected region. It can save final screenshot as JPG or PNG image in high or low quality. By default, full screen webpage is capture and

Save full page screenshot of website as JPG image or PDF file

Manual use of Print Scrn button only captures visible area of the screen. If you want to capture full page screenshot of any webpage / website, then check free application Accolio IE snapshot. This application allows you to capture full page screenshot of any URL and save as desired image

Capture screenshot of desktop screen at regular interval to supervise PC usage

If you have kids and other young users accessing internet on home computer, supervision is an important task. One needs to keep check on websites young users access while using computer while they are alone. If blocking specific websites is too much of hassle, then try supervision by

Capture, join, save & download Google Maps offline

There are times we need to save (& further print) specific area on Google Maps which is bigger than our screen area. Ideally, we will use Print Scrn button to take screenshot of viewable Google Maps area and then join multiple screenshots for complete view of required area as seen on

3 Tools for screenshots & website capture on Mac OSX

Most of use tend take screenshots of stuff on the desktop screen and save it for future reference. Besides, we also capture and save screenshots of websites or webpages for easy sharing and reference. We have see number of tools to perform simple task of screenshot and website capture on

Take screenshot of applications & edit / add effects

Taking screenshot of window screens of different application programs is a routine for designers, bloggers and programmers. After taking the screenshot, one has to edit screenshots and refine them as per requirement. PicPick portable application is all in one design tool that makes this

Record screen with audio & share on Twitter & Facebook

Web applications has made even complex of activities very easy to perform and implement. For example, creating a video by recording screen with audio involved software install along with complex configuration settings. Well, not any more - just bump into web application like ScreenJelly.

Capture website screenshot & edit online at Aviary

[Firefox only] Aviary has cool set of online tools to edit and enhance images online with ease. You can combine the power of those online tools in Firefox browser using Talon Firefox addon. It allows you to capture screenshot of any webpage and send it directly to online editor at Aviary