Capture screenshot of desktop screen at regular interval to supervise PC usage


If you have kids and other young users accessing internet on home computer, supervision is an important task. One needs to keep check on websites young users access while using computer while they are alone. If blocking specific websites is too much of hassle, then try supervision by automatic capture of computer screen at regular interval.


Subsequent screenshots are stored in a specific folder on your computer. You can see those screenshots and view what other (young) user has been doing while using the computer. There are number of options to configure, while this utility automatically capture screenshot of your computer screen.

– Set the time interval / delay between two shots.
Maximum number of most recent screenshots that should be stored.
– Select specific folder to store automatic screenshots.

This application is available in both installer and standalone portable format. Just download, unzip and launch the application – click OK and this application will start capturing your computer screen automatically after regular interval. One easy and very effective to supervise and catch other users indulging into unacceptable activities while using computer. Download Auto Screenshot portable or Auto Screenshot installer


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