How to Block Specific websites on a computer?


With internet spreading faster than ever before, children are more vulnerable from website not meant for them. Kids are tempted to check out website meant for adult audience and waste their productive time surfing them.

One alternative to prevent children from accessing websites NOT meant for them is to BLOCK them. Here are two easy ways to block specific websites without letting children know – you blocked them!

First method involves use of small utility ‘Any Weblock’. It allows you to block any website on your computer. It works with any web browser and displays a fake error page. No network knowledge required to configure. You only need to know the domain/subdomain names of the websites (like:

It allows you to export and import to share block list among computers. You can also auto-backup and rollback to a previous backup for quick changes. Very handy and useful utility.

Second method is a manual way of blocking specific websites as explained by Amit Bhawani. Here is simple procedure of this manual method::

  • Go to Start menu and click on Run.
  • Type, notepad c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and click OK.
  • Go to last line and enter list of websites to be blocked as shown in picture.

For example to block Orkut you need to add:
To Block MySpace you need to add:

After making changes, save the file and those specific website will no longer be accessible on your computer. To undo changes, delete lines for specific websites and its back to normal. Quick, easy and safe!



  1. I edited my hosts file with the websites but can still access them. Any idea why this is not working for me?

  2. Hi

    The Hosts method is really good but getting inside windows every time to block a website is painful….Ther is a solution for this just download a program called hosts xpert ..It is a handy small program sized 400 kb, dosent even require installation, just run it and edit ur host file ..Also allows you to back up and restore u r host file..

  3. Hello:

    I have used the hosts archive before in order to block some websites. However, I would like to know if there is any way I can block a webpage on my computer during some specific times (let’s say every day after 10 am or the whole week but Sunday.)
    I would really like to block Facebook from my computer, but allow it once in a while at a specific time. I do not want to block it 100%, but having it every day is extremely time consuming…

  4. Ian (MIS/IT) says

    you may open my computer-disk C-windows-system32-drivers-etc dn open hosts file by notepad…then you can edit those file to add website to be blocked then save…. why dont you try to use k9 web protection its very much useful ang accurate by just typing the keyword then it can blocked site having the keyword you typed to be blocked….

  5. Houssam Moghrabi says

    Just go to and set up an account.

  6. i tried this but it did not work for me
    a messege box comes up saying

    cannot create the c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts files.
    make sure that the path and file names are correct
    can you help me

    • kristian..don’t include files in the syntax

      • I have that same problem. I listed it in the same format as shown above and it still tells me that I can’t do that. I assume it’s because hosts is protected against editing, how can I get around that?

  7. shinu sebastian says

    it was very informative to me. thank u so much…….

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