Block distracting websites in Chrome

Certain websites like Facebook, Youtube can be very addictive and may result in distraction from productive work. You can easily block distracting websites temporarily to focus on work to be done. Once you have completed the required work, you can unblock distracting websites and surf them

Block websites in Internet Explorer

Internet provide access to content of every type. Children and other young users must be protected from accessing content meant for mature audience. If you use Internet Explorer browser to surf websites, you can easily enforce strict access restrictions. IE browser allows you to add and

How to edit Windows Hosts file IP addresses

Windows Hosts [WinHosts] file contain mapping of IP addresses for specific domain URLs (For example: localhost). You can edit to add or remove specific IP address and respective domain URLs on Windows computer throught WinHosts file. Such IP address editing has lot of uses like

Open blocked Flickr photos by changing URL

Flickr is very popular website to browse and view lot of cool photos from around the world. Is Flickr blocked at your school, office or work place? There is alternative for every blocked service like Gmail blocked at work, here is dead simple way to access blocked Flickr photos by changing

Block mature, explicit websites & images on Google Search

By default, Google Search show safe results. However, any user can go to settings page and turn OFF filtering to see explicit results using Google Search. Now you can lock Safe Search feature on Google to prevent toggling between filter and no-filter for search results. With Safe search

How to block mature / explicit content on bing?

Bing decision search is good and zippy. However, some users are worried about easy access to porn and mature results on Bing search. Video search auto plays mature videos on mouse over, giving free ride to users looking for such content. By default, safe search is ON and you can make sure

Send & share any webpage by email, EmailTheWeb

There are times like in Office, school etc specific websites / webpages are blocked by authorities. There are always ways to access such webpages like sharing webpages via email. We have already seen Rediff's WebinMail service, here is another one Email The Web. To get started, just enter

Access blocked websites at work with email & WebinMail

We have already seen cool web service 'Download at Work' to download files blocked on work computer. WebinMail is a smart web service to access blocked web pages in your email (at work). Just send email to with

Access Blocked Files at Office with ‘Download at Work’

Is downloading .exe or .zip files blocked on your office computer? Inspite of this restriction, do you still want to download an exe or zip file? 'Download at Work' web service should come handy to acheive this naughty task. It allows you to download any file by

How to Block Specific websites on a computer?

With internet spreading faster than ever before, children are more vulnerable from website not meant for them. Kids are tempted to check out website meant for adult audience and waste their productive time surfing them. One alternative to prevent children from accessing websites NOT