Which countries have Google Maps street view

'Street view' is very useful feature of Google Maps. It allows you to visually navigate specific location on Google Maps. However, this feature is not available for all countries. Google Maps has street view enabled for specific countries of the world. You can browse visual terrain,

Generate QR code of Google Maps URL

QR codes are black and white images, with each image pointing to specific website URL. QR codes are used on smartphones to quickly navigate to desired URL. Camera on smartphone can be used to scan QR code image and convert it into respective webpage URL. If you often use Google Maps, you

Find exact travel route on Google Maps

For a new place, knowing travel route is not an easy task. You can check on route by referring printed travel map or manually moving around in streets and look for sign boards. Other more easy way to identify best route between specific places is using Google Maps. You can easily find

Measure distance on Google Maps

Do you want to measure distance between locations on Google Maps? This can be easily done using "Distance Measurement Tool" on Google Maps. It allows you to calculate and measure distance between specified cities, towns or places marked on Google Maps. You can get final distance in desired

Shorten Google Maps URLs automatically

Google Maps URLs are generally very long and complex. It is very difficult to share long Google Maps URLs on Twitter, IM, email as long URLs tend to break. Now you can automatically shorten and snip Google Maps URLs using goo.gl URL shortening service. This is possible using "Short URL"

View Google Maps for addresses in emails on Gmail

As of now, we have to copy address received or mentioned in email message on Gmail and paste it on Google Maps to view the exact location on a map. Now you can cut down this routine and directly view location of any address(es) mentioned in email messages on Gmail using "Google Maps

Add Google Maps to Orkut scraps

Google has added Google Maps integration with Orkut through scraps feature. Now Orkut users can spice up their scraps by adding location / direction to specific location through Google Maps reference. Just add Maps to your scrap message for other users to easily find location and explore

View Hotel price details on Google Maps

Google Maps provide an easy way to locate places throughout the world. It has been improving over the time with addition of more user friendly feature like zoom to specific area. Now while browsing hotel details from various places, you also view respective hotel price listing details.

Drag to zoom specific locations on Google Maps

Google Maps is a cool online way of exploring different places and regions around the world. Zoom is most important routine while using Google Maps. It can be tiring to zoom Google Maps using default slider or click to zoom action. You make this easy while zooming to specific locations on

Download & Save Google Maps as images on PC

Google Maps is an interesting way to explore geography and terrain of different countries, cities and places around the world. We have already seen Google Map Buddy that allows you to join and save Google Maps. Google Map Saver is more easy and portable tool to grab screenshot of Google

Capture, join, save & download Google Maps offline

There are times we need to save (& further print) specific area on Google Maps which is bigger than our screen area. Ideally, we will use Print Scrn button to take screenshot of viewable Google Maps area and then join multiple screenshots for complete view of required area as seen on

Auto Google Maps embed & photo tagging on Posterous

Posterous team is busy rolling out new features. Recently, it introduced feature to import any damn blog (like on Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr) to your Posterous account. Here is another interesting new feature of auto embed and display of Google Maps on your Posterous blog. Say you