Add driving directions on website to find business location

Now website owners can easily help their users find driving directions to their physical location of business using new Google Maps directions gadgets. Instead of listing number of addresses and locations to reach final business location, you can simply embed this gadget on your website or

Embed News, Videos, Docs to blog – Google Web Elements

Google Web Elements makes it real easy for website or blog owners to show various Google services on their website. Just grab quick embed code and paste on your blog to display respective Google Service. It allows you to embed Google Search box complete with optional Adsense publisher

Create travel route online with Google Map Maker

Are you bored of going through same route while travelling from one place to another in India? Well, now you can create your own travel route between any two places in India - online at Google Map Maker. To get started, select and your start and destination points in the Google

Track your friends & family with Google Latitude

Google Latitude is another way to track your friends and family. It is tightly integrated with Google Maps for Mobile, iGoogle and allows users to share their location with friends. After you opt-in for the service, your rough location is indicated on a map complete with your profile

Add Location to Blogger posts using GeoTagging

GeoTagging is a new Blogger feature that allows you to add location to any Blogger post. Like we have timestamp (meaning specific time of publication of each Blogger post), we can specify location of each post as per its content. This is ideal for travel blogs where you can geotag the