Close opened apps running in background on iPad


Majority of iPad users open apps (applications), use them and press Home button to goto Home screen. We rarely bother to close apps previously opened on Apple iPad. As a result, lot of already opened application keep running in the background. This hogs precious RAM memory on iPad and may slow down its usage. Hence, it is advisable to close all applications running in the background (that you do not intend to use as of now).

Close iPad applications running in background

1. While iPad is turned ON, press then Home button two times. For starters, Home button is location at the bottom middle part of the iPad tablet.

2. This will pop-up list of already opened applications at the bottom part with main home screen grayed out and pushed upwards.

3. Press any application icon and keep it pressed for few seconds. All icons will start dancing, shaking or jiggling left to right with minus (-) button at top left part of each app icon.

4. Press minus or dash button on app icon for closing specific applications. You can close each application one by one as there is no option to close all opened applications in one shot.

If you have opened too many applications on iPad, make sure you close few or all background apps for best performance on iPad. This will free up memory and your current applications will run smoothly on Apple iPad.


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