Convert your Handwriting into a Font with Fontifier


How about doing all the stuff in your own handwriting? From typing letters to emails – Fontifier makes it possible. This web service allows you to make font out of your handwriting.

After you download and install font (created from your handwriting), you can type and print anything in your own handwriting.

First you need to print an online template sheet available at Fontifier website. Then fill that template sheet by writing characters in your handwriting.

Then you need to scan and upload the template. You can preview your handwriting for free. In case you like the font created by Fontifier, you can download it by paying few bucks [$9].

Details: FontifierAboutExamples 

Fontifier can create a font from your handwritten characters. You can use this font to add a personal touch to your letters, documents and much more. [via How About Orange]

While fontifier is a paid service, you can try out similar FREE alternative at Handwriting Fonts From the Peas !



  1. @Arnab
    It is an online tool, cannot be downloaded.

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    is it for download
    i dont find it.

  3. wow i guess i found best way to make my writing font thank you

  4. Thanks for information


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