View Glyph bitmap distribution format (BDF) fonts

BDF stands for bitmap distribution format. Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format is generated by application programs like soft SBIT32.exe contained in Microsoft TrueType SDK on Windows platform. Do you want to view BDF format fonts on Windows PC? This can be easily done using free portable

Embed fonts in Word document for same look

Every computer with different version of Windows and Microsoft Office software has different set of fonts to work around. Also, users can install fonts on Windows for more customization. When a Word document is opened on a different computer, it may appear different if fonts used in the

Display Rupee symbol on website or blog

India now has official symbol for Rupee (Indian currency). We have already seen procedure to download Rupee font to insert new Rupee symbol in Word documents and files. Do you want to display new Rupee symbol on webpages of your website or blog? This can be easily done using WebRupee's web

Convert Font formats online

Do you want to convert format of a font to a different format online without having to install separate software? You can easily perform Font format conversion online using free online font format converter tools. These allow you to convert font among different formats like: pfa, pfb, pt3,

How to type new Rupee symbol on computer

Just like Dollar and Pound, India has launched new symbol for its 'Rupee' currency. We can always type dollar symbol using standard keyboard. Do you want to type and use new Rupee symbol using existing PC keyboard? This can be easily done by downloading new Rupee symbol font on your

Use Google Font Directory for stylish fonts on website

Tired of using usual fonts like verdana, arial, times roman on your website or blog? You can have creative font blast using cool free fonts in Google Font Directory. It lists open source fonts that can be used on any website or blog by adding few lines of code. No need to download fonts to

Change default font type & text size of browser

Majority of users do not bother to check and configure font settings of a web browser. We just open weblinks and start browsing web content. All modern web browsers allow users to change default text settings. You can configure to change default font type and size of text of either of web

Use stylish font typography effects in Word 2010

Microsoft Office Word and Publisher 2010 support OpenType typography features. This allows you to take advantage of the typography capabilities in many OpenType fonts. End result is super stylish text on your documents like on company letterhead, personal invitations by using ligatures and

Print Fonts on computer for easy reference

We tend to install number of fonts over a period of time nd hence computer could be loaded with lot of favorite fonts. Managing and selecting among lot of fonts is not easy. "Print My Fonts" is an interesting and very useful program for dealing with loads of fonts. It allows you to

Free font viewer to install, remove & find duplicate fonts

Nexus Font is a free font viewer to manage fonts installed on the computer using neat interface. It allows you to preview all fonts installed on the PC. You can customize preview text or numbers along with font size, color and style. Just right click on any font preview in the application

See fonts on Windows computer & preview in different font sizes

WinFontsView is a handy utility to see fonts installed in Windows. Besides the list of fonts, you can even preview each installed font in atleast 5 different font sizes (from small to big). You can customize the font preview using buttons at top menu for viewing: italics, bold, underline

Preview 40 New Windows 7 Fonts online

Windows 7 has lot of improvements and features. It should ship loaded with over 40 news fonts to support different typography styles. These new fonts extend the language and script support offered by Windows. It also enhances Windows user interface for various languages and also the users