Create Mobile Version of WordPress Blog with a Plugin


We have already seen 5 Ways to Create or Convert existing website into mobile friendly website. Now here comes specific alternative for WordPress Blogs in the form of a WordPress Plugin ‘WordPress Mobile Edition’.

This plugins allows you to show an interface designed for a mobile device when visitors come to your site on a mobile device.

Mobile browsers are automatically detected, there is no configuration needed. Using this plugin require more than usual steps required to install a WordPress Plugin.

Besides installing files in Plugin directory, you also need to drop some files in Theme directory. Here is the installation procedure:

  1. Drop the wp-mobile.php file in your wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Drop the wp-mobile directory in your wp-content/themes directory
  3. Click the ‘Activate’ link for WordPress Mobile Edition on Plugins page.

Please note, this plugin does not make your admin interface mobile friendly. Everything in your WordPress remains same, except when your blog is accessed by a mobile device – a mobile friendly version of your blog will appear.

Details: WordPress Mobile Edition PluginDownload 

To make things easy, recent posts are shown on every page of the blog when accessed via mobile device. Make your WordPress Blog come alive on mobile with this plugin, another reason to use WordPress!




    please can you guide that how to add adsense ads in mobile version site??

  2. mobile phones that have built in cameras are my favorite because they can capture those special moments and events “”,

  3. Thanks for the plugins.

  4. We’ve released an WordPress Plugin based on Andy Moore’s plugin which will resize content- images to sizes accepted by mobile devices.

    You can find the free Plugin here:

  5. We have an alternate WordPress plugin that does adaption using on online service, but also allows the site owner to map a m.* domain so that they keep control of the content:

    One of the added benefits is that all external links are mobilized as well, so links in your posts are much more likely to be usable by browsers on lower end phones.

    – Mike

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