Download Free Christmas Holiday Hits 2008 Songs


Christmas is around the corner and here is one cool way to prepare for it. Oprah website is offering free download of popular Christmas Holiday Hits Songs as a part of album ‘Holiday Hits 2008’.

You can download 8 cool holiday songs in mp3 format, burn them and share them with friends all free. Please note, download is only available free for 48 hours. So hurry, start the download to have super musical Christmas. Here is the list of songs with download links:

To download songs, right click on download link and select ‘save link as’. Beside songs, you can also download the CD Cover and CD Label to complete the collection. One cool Christmas freebie!



  1. i would always love to hear those christmas music with a very happy tune -“.

  2. Christian Music is just very soothing to the ear and i feel uplifted when i hear about it `

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