Change real-time voice on Skype or in Mp3 song


Skype just released new version for Windows users which promises bigger video and better sound. Have you ever wanted to sound different while talking to friends and family members on skype? Skype Voice changer application allows you to change voice and process it real time while you perform voice chat on Skype.

Besides the real time processing of Skype calls, it can also alter voice structure in any Mp3 or wav files loaded into the application. There are number of filters that you can configure to add changes to your voice. This includes: delay, tremolo, chorus, superpitch, flanger and many more.


You can configure different levels for each filter and create unique voice output for your voice on Skype calls. Download Skype Voice Changer for windows, it is an experimental application and requires Microsoft .Net framework to work on your computer. [via]



  1. nice nice i will try now!!!!!

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