How to talk with more than one person on Skype

Ideally, we use Skype for audio and video chat between two contacts. You can also use Skype to talk with more than one person or multiple contacts. For this you need to setup and start a conference call. Please note, only audio conference call between more than 2 contacts can be done

Change real-time voice on Skype or in Mp3 song

Skype just released new version for Windows users which promises bigger video and better sound. Have you ever wanted to sound different while talking to friends and family members on skype? Skype Voice changer application allows you to change voice and process it real time while you

Voice & Video Chat in Gmail, Get it Now !

We can chat with Gmail friends with integerated chat in Gmail inbox. Hang on, Gmail is making things more interactive with introduction of voice and video chat in Gmail. So, besides typing 'Hi' 'Hello' - you can speak and see your friend saying 'Hi' 'Hello' and lots more. This new