Increase Font Size in Skype for easy use by old people

Skype provide an awesome way to connect with friends and family irrespective of user's age. Although Skype program has neat user interface, it's small font size can be problem for old people and users with vision problem. There are few Skype and operating system settings that can be

How to make Skype Profile Photo private & hidden

Every Skype user can select one image to display as default Skype profile photo. You can upload specific image from computer or click via attached webcam. By default, profile photo is visible to every Skype user. So if someone searches for your name in Skype program, your photo will

How to send recorded video messages in Skype

Skype is all time favorite for real time video chatting with friends and family. Now you can also record and send video messages to Skype contacts anytime. New version of Skype allows recording of video messages which can sent to friends and received from Skype contacts for Free. So if

Auto set Skype ‘Do Not Disturb’ when using other program

Skype is a great tool for text, audio and video communication. It is used by lot of users, infact few users keep logged into Skype all the time while using computer. With all the goodness, there comes an annoyance of Skype friends disturbing you when you are doing some important work on

How to gift Skype Credits to friends

Skype Gift Card is a prepaid card that you can gift to your online friends to help them connect with you. New version of Skype 6.2 show "Skype Gift Card" option on birthday of a contact in your Skype profile. Besides gifting Skype credits on birthday, you can gift Skype credits to anyone

Delink Facebook & Microsoft accounts from Skype

Skype support login using Facebook and Microsoft accounts. Once you associate your Facebook account with Skype, your Facebook news feed updates will start appearing in Skype program. While there is a way to hide Facebook updates in Skype, there is more permanent solution to this by

Get free Skype phone & video Calls for one month

Skype provide an easy way to stay connected with friends and family. While Skype to Skype audio and video calls are always free, you have to pay for subscription for calling landline phones and group video calls from Skype. Now you can enjoy all premium Skype features for free for period

How to remove Skype watermark logo from video chat

A small Skype watermark logo is displayed on the video during video chatting session on Skype. It represent Skype branding while you use Skype for free video chat with friends. By default, this Skype logo is displayed on every video chat. If you do not like display of Skype logo, then

Pin & display favorite Skype contacts at top of the list

Majority of Skype users have lot of contacts added to Skype including Facebook friends (through Facebook integration and login) and Outlook contacts. We generally tend to talk or chat in Skype with handful of contacts on regular basis. Scrolling down the contacts list and looking for

Disable Skype ads that use your Profile information

Skype desktop version of software will now display third party advertisement (ever since it was acquired by Microsoft). Advertisements are displayed in non-obtrusive manner on the Home tab and calling window in the Skype application. By default, Skype software use your non-personal

Set ‘Push to Talk’ mute microphone shortcut in Skype

'Push to talk' has been most requested feature by Skype for Windows users. Latest Skype update adds 'Push to talk' feature allowing quick toggle for microphone muting while on a Skype call. This feature is very important during multi-tasking routines like while playing multi-player games.