Use iPad as phone to make calls using Skype


Apple iPad can be used to browse lots of content like newspapers and ebooks. You can also transfer and browse personal photos and videos on big screen of the iPad. It even support customize look for Gmail browsing and Youtube video viewing. Can we use iPad as phone and make calls? Yes, with the help of Skype app for iPad.

Use Skype app to make calls on iPad

1. Turn ON your iPad and goto applications.

2. Add Skype App for making calls on iPad. This is an iphone app for using Skype. It works fine and does allow making calls on iPad (however, there can be few hiccups – iPad specific update should arrive soon).

3. After installing the app, login into Skype account and start making calls.

So besides viewing lot of content, you can make domestic and international phone calls from very own Apple iPad device.



  1. yeah it might be cool.. but trying too hard…everyone will give you cold stares..
    just use your iphone dude… everything is on there..

  2. I would like to take a step further and enable a skype video call to be done using Ipad , with the help of and Iphone camera to connect .
    I wounder if there is an application that would make that possible , using the camera USB connection between iphone and ipad ?

    Would be cool to use the ipad and make video calls this way , don’t you think so ?

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