Use existing Home Phone to make free Skype to Skype calls

Skype is available on almost every platform like Windows, Mac, iPad & iPhone, Android  and on Facebook. Now you can use goodness of Skype on exisiting phone handset at home. You can setup your existing phone to make and receive free Skype to Skype calls with other Skype users. Also,

Test speakers, mic & webcam on Skype

Skype is a handy application program to make free 'skype to skype' voice and video calls. You can also call any phone around the world from Skype program if you have pro subscription. For successful voice or video call, it is important that speakers, microphone and webcam is working fine

Skype video calls on iPhone & iPad

Skype provide a simple and easy interface for audio and video calling. Previously, Skype was available for 3G calls on iPhone and basic calling on iPad device. With latest update to Skype app for iPhone and iPad: you can make free video calls using wi-fi connection (in addition to 3G

Call & SMS Facebook friends from Skype

Now you can browse latest Facebook activity in Skype program. Besides viewing latest Facebook news feed updates from different Facebook friends, you can also make Skype call to them in single click routine. Latest version of Skype allows you to call or send SMS to any Facebook friends. You

View Skype call & chat logs

Skype is a popular medium for making PC to PC and PC to phone calls. If you are an active Skype user, then grab free portable utility "Skype Log View" to view complete details. This utility allows you to read and neatly view contents from skype log files of each and every Skype call / chat

Skype calls on iPhone using 3G connection

iPhone users with 3G connection can enjoy goodness of Skype calling using new iPhone app. It allows you to make and receive calls on iPhone using your 3G connection. Skype to Skype calls on 3G will be free until the end of 2010, after which there will be a small monthly fee. However, Skype

Skype video calls on TV: special HDTVs & webcams

Do you want to make crystal clear widescreen Skype video calls using your television? Now this is possible using HDTVs from Panasonic and Samsung. Besides the usual Skype software, you will need specially designed hardware along with high speed internet connection for making widescreen

Connect to Wifi Hotspots with Skype access for internet

While travelling finding a wifi hotspot or internet source is not an easy task. It is an additional burden, besides other travel things to take care. If you are a Skype user, you can easily manage this part. 'Skype Access' feature allows you to connect to either of 100,000 wifi hotspots

Use iPad as phone to make calls using Skype

Apple iPad can be used to browse lots of content like newspapers and ebooks. You can also transfer and browse personal photos and videos on big screen of the iPad. It even support customize look for Gmail browsing and Youtube video viewing. Can we use iPad as phone and make calls? Yes,

Record & save Skype voice conversations

Skype is a popular way to interact with friends and family anywhere in the world. We have already seen free programs like Call Graph Skype and free Skype Recorder for recording Skype voice calls and save as mp3 files. iFree Recorder is another free and simple program for recording Skype

Free Skype Call Recorder – record & save as Mp3

Skype is awesome application to stay connected with friends and family. Unfortunately, there is no official method to record Skype conversation calls. We have already seen Call Graph Plugin to record and save Skype calls - here is another application 'Skype Call Recorder' with similar

Record Skype Calls for Free using Call Graph Plugin

Ever wanted to record your Skype conversation to review on your points of discussion? If yes, then Call Graph is a cool free alternative to record your Skype calls. It is a simple and useful plugin for Skype to record calls. You can also create podcasts and directly store the audio