Connect to Wifi Hotspots with Skype access for internet


While travelling finding a wifi hotspot or internet source is not an easy task. It is an additional burden, besides other travel things to take care. If you are a Skype user, you can easily manage this part. ‘Skype Access’ feature allows you to connect to either of 100,000 wifi hotspots available worldwide. After connection you can surf internet, check email or make usual Skype calls.

Use Skype access for internet on the move

1. Make sure you are using latest version of Skype software (or download from website).

2. Then select an available public access WiFi network (the stronger the signal the better).

3. Skype will automatically pop-up a message if you can connect to this network using your Skype Credit balance. If you don not see a pop-up message, try another network.

Skype access is charged at flat fee of $0.19 per minute to access WiFi hotspots (no hourly rates). You can check rates in your local currencies and available wifi hotspot details here. For sure easy way to connect using Skype while on the move!


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