Connect to wifi internet on BlackBerry Playbook

You can easily connect to the internet using wifi connection your BlackBerry Playbook device. It can establish connection with wifi network at your home or at public places like hotels, airports, shops and allows your to surf websites and online applications on Playbook tablet. Once you

Connect to Wifi Hotspots with Skype access for internet

While travelling finding a wifi hotspot or internet source is not an easy task. It is an additional burden, besides other travel things to take care. If you are a Skype user, you can easily manage this part. 'Skype Access' feature allows you to connect to either of 100,000 wifi hotspots

Search unencrypted free WIFI wireless internet connections

Are you looking for an unencrypted [free] wireless internet connection for your laptop on the move? Manual refreshing to search for available networks in specific area can be boring and time consuming routine. Outssider WiFi scanner makes this real easy - it automatically scans for