Use Viber on Windows desktop for Free Calls

There have been many alternatives like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk for free calling on Windows desktop. Viber with its huge reach among mobile users can be great addon for desktop users as well. Now you can install and use Viber application on Windows (8 and 7) computers and Mac

Connect to Wifi Hotspots with Skype access for internet

While travelling finding a wifi hotspot or internet source is not an easy task. It is an additional burden, besides other travel things to take care. If you are a Skype user, you can easily manage this part. 'Skype Access' feature allows you to connect to either of 100,000 wifi hotspots

Download new Skype 4.0 – bigger video, better sound

Skype is one cool way to make free internet calls and stay connected with friends. Skype has released new version for Windows users with lot of improvements. Skype 4.0 version for Windows promises bigger video display during conversation. You can start chat with video with a click of a