Call & SMS Facebook friends from Skype


Now you can browse latest Facebook activity in Skype program. Besides viewing latest Facebook news feed updates from different Facebook friends, you can also make Skype call to them in single click routine. Latest version of Skype allows you to call or send SMS to any Facebook friends. You can also view elaborate phonebook of Facebook friends for quicker calling or SMS.

Make calls & SMS to Facebook friends in Skype

1. Launch Skype & login using your Skype ID. Make sure you are using latest version of Skype software.

2. Goto View > Add Facebook updates. Then click on Facebook tab.

3. Click ‘See News feed in Skype’ button and then login into Facebook account on the next screen. This will display Facebook news feed in Skype application.

4. You will see Call and SMS button next to different Facebook friends updates. Click Call or SMS button for making a call or send a SMS respectively.

You can also view phone numbers of Facebook friends in Skype in neat listing. For sure one quick way to directly reach any Facebook friend within Skype via call or SMS.


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