Explore Flickr Photos by a City or any Place


Here is one more feature to look forward if you are a Flickr photo sharing service user. It is called Flickr places and allows you to tag/view images by location.

Using this feature you can search for photos based on the location or take help of visual map to check out the location for pics already tagged.

Here is the easy procedure… When you upload to Flickr, you can add your photos to a map using Organizr. Open up the Map tab, find the place you took the photo – either by searching for an address, or dragging and zooming the map around – and then drop your photo on the place you took it.

Popular world’s cities, states, countries and regions have there very own featured pages and will also include add on information on weather, time and regional maps.

Flickr: HomepageFlickr PlacesHelp!

This surely allows you to explore view of various places around the world in images. Good motivation to make your location rich in images on Flickr, what say?


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