Free MS Office version: Microsoft Office Starter


Microsoft Office is a premium (and paid) word processing program suite. Now you can use free version of Microsoft Office in the form of Microsoft Office Starter which is include advertisements and basic features. You will see advertisements on right side of Office program while using it. Besides this, there are number of other restrictions for the perk of using free MS Office software.

Free Microsoft Office Starter Features

1. It only contains MS Word and Excel (no MS PowerPoint and Outlook).

2. It will have advertisements displayed within Office program and you cannot turn them off.

3. It only support basic Word and Excel functionality.

4. You cannot download MS Office Starter software directly. It is only available as pre-loaded software on new desktop or laptops. [more details]

With so many restrictions, would you like have MS Office Starter on your new computer? How about using free Microsoft Office alternatives with full functionality and no advertisements?


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