How to Find a relevant name for your web2.0 startup?


Web 2.0 startups are all over the internet. So many of them start everyday while some of them get buried as well. There are few startups that get all the attention and appreciation. While conceptof your startup is very critical, another important aspect is… name your web 2.0 startup.

If you notice, most of web 2.0 startups have short and jazzynames. Most often name do not reflect or explain the startup’s base and functionality. But hey, a cool and easy to remember name has its own value!

Gigadrive, Topicfly, Digibridge, Devbird, Oyovee, Brightopia, Tamba, Voozz and so on… are few names for a possible web 2.0 startup. It took me less than 30 seconds to generate these namesusing Dot-o-mator web 2.0 Domain Name Generator.

It is a free web based service that dish out cool web 2.0 nameswith click of a button. Just keep clicking the ‘generate’ button for more unique names for your future startup. You can also check the availability of displayed domain name with  click of a button.

Besides the web 2.0 name generator, you can also use general name generator. Here you can mix-match different name categories like Cash, simple colors, tech, shops etc.

Details: Web 2.0 Name GeneratorMain Domain Generator 

One very handy and quick way to get loads of web 2.0 startup names. But you still need to do the hard-work of finalizing that unique name among various options.



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