India Specific Options to Earn from a Site or Blog


Besides international options, one should also explore country specific services to earn from website or blog. If you are an Indian webmaster, then you can check following options to earn online by monetizing your site or blog. Here are few good India specific options to show advertisements on your website and earn handsome money.

1. Tyroo []: After Google Adsense I tried this ad network. I must add Tyroo is really a good alternative or add one to Google AdSense (you can use either way). I used it with Google Adsense and it worked really well, helping me earn few thousand rupees. Best part about Tyroo is: it shows only quality adsof advertisers like Microsoft, ezeego etc.

It is a pay per click program and you have option to show either show text ad or banner ad. In text ad customization option is not available, it only show blue colored text ads on white background. With Yahoo picking up stake in Tyroo, its importance has grown further. On an average you may get anywhere between Rs5 to Rs8 per click (this is personal experience and not official line!)

2. Axill India [is now]: Axill has now India Specific option/site/channel, whatever you want to say. I was equally pleased with the performance of Axill Ads. Axill, offer both Impression based CPM and action/lead based ads to its publishers. If you have a site with good number of pageviews then you should go for CPM option.

You can get about Rs15 for 1000 ad impressions. Also, the lead/sale based options are really attractive with some nice payout on offer. Axill offer different ad unit formats including the standard 468 and 728 banners. I liked the small square ad options for Lead/sales based ads. Overall it is a nice option, you must give this a try!

3. Nautanki.TV []: Well, this is really a different kind of publisher option. You only have option to show video ads. It is really interesting option, provided your site has space to show a 350px ad block. You can select from our six channels – Mirch Masala, Angoor, Chakachak, Phillumwalahs, Republic and Soul Curry or choose from your favourite individual videos episodes. video feed system will serve not just the episode / channel but will also serve the relevant video ad to your viewers at no cost. With video feed system you earn more ad revenue with minimal effort and no additional cost.I recently started using it, certainly wasnt disappointed. Way to go!

In case you do not like either of the above, no need to worry. Big Daddy for publishers Google Adsense is always there.



  1. Vineeth.S says is a scam. Don’t waste your time in publishing the widgents in your website.

    Visit for some useful quotes.

    Contact info:
    +91 22 26323338

  2. I found a very nice Indian site that really pays. For more details just visit

  3. Axill is always a good option for Indian publishers. But now they reduced their CPM towards 10rs instead of 15. But still its a worth program I think.

  4. tyroo is scam.
    I 100% agree you.
    Hard to reach at 2500 & nothing after that ..
    hell for tyroo..

  5. tyroo is wise. & when you reached 2000 . Ads ration is descresed & earning is also.
    I did 1000 in month, & 1000 in 2nd month . & 100 in 3rd months. it’s online scam.,

  6. @sushil

    are you serious? thats is a sad story . i will never reffer nautanki to any 1

  7. hey I heared this is all a “set up”…… friend runs a internet consulting firm and he recruited a girl for…apparently the girl was pregnant
    and the guys of knew that she was pregnant. Till 3 months they made the girl work~~~every thing was going perfectly fine…but when it came to paying my friend
    (who actually recruited her) they said that we are firing that girl since she is very inefficient. They didnt pay my friend a single penny. Such a thing is completely totally unacceptable.
    How can CEO be so insensitive????? This is such an unethical firm…..I hope people stay away from it~~~

  8. finally,

    Just now I got theirs email. also they apologize for late support.

    Theirs min payout 2500 INR.


  9. thank you buddy.

    // I have received 2 payments via cheque from them //previously

    Good news. When Will they pay the payments? What is the min payment? oh I asked these question to them. But
    I could not receive any support. So than I suspecting them. But I know tyroo have yahoo shares.

    and is good network. I am earing using axill. see the comment about axill.
    link :

  10. Hi Albert

    First regarding TYROO – It is very professional organization, even YAHOO owns stake in this company, I have received 2 payments via cheque from them previously. I have stopped using it now, as I am trying other networks.

    Nautanki is just ok, there auto play videos ads are very irritating and make site slow, due to which I have removed it.

    Out of above 3 AXILL is the best, these ads perform very well and they up on time.
    In case you want more details email me at

  11. Yes. Good list. But I am afraid of using another 2 ad network. that is tyroo and Nautanki.TV.

    about tyroo:
    Really is Tyroo pay the payments to the publishers. I earned Rz.1000 and more. I sent more than 10 emails to them about my payments. yet No reply or support. I think they are scam.

    did you get any payment from If yes I can trust.

    But I don’t know about Nautanki.TV. Because there is no account update in Nautanki.TV.

    Can you help me about these 2 ad networks?


  12. nice list i will try them out!!!!! adsense is really easy and best……

  13. Davinder says

    yup, desigeek babu… adsense fits anywhere ;)

  14. Good list there bro , me thinks adsense can fit in this too , they have an office here & they pay in rupees.

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