Indians takeover Forbes top 10 Billionaires Rich List


Indian government may be trying hard to fight rising deficit but there are few Indians who are getting RICH big time. Atleast 4 Indian feature in the latest Forbes World’s Billionaires Rich list.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates, after ruling this list for 13 years get 3rd spot in the latest rich list. Fellow American Warren Buffett is the new NO 1 with net worth of $62 billion.

Four Indians making big in the top10 list are:Lakshmi Mittal, K.P. Singh, Ambani brothers Mukesh and Anil. Here is the top 10 in the Forbes Rich list:

  1. Warren Buffett – $62 bn (US – Berkshire Hathaway)
  2. Carlos Slim – $60 bn (Mexico – Telecom)
  3. Bill Gates – $58 bn (US – Microsoft)
  4. Lakshmi Mittal – $45 bn (India – Steel)
  5. Mukesh Ambani – $43 bn (India – Petrochemicals)
  6. Anil Ambani – $42 bn (India – Diversified)
  7. Ingvar Kamprad – $31 bn (Sweden – IKEA)
  8. K.P. Singh – $30 bn (India – Real Estate)
  9. Oleg Deripaska – $28 bn (Russia – Aluminum)
  10. Karl Albrecht – $27 bn (Germany – Aldi supermarkets)

Two years ago, half of the world’s 20 richest were from the U.S. Now only four are. India wins bragging rights for having four among the top 10, more than any other country.

Details: World’s Billionaires Rich IndiansGates No Longer Richest

For the first time ever, the number of billionaires Forbes could identify crossed into four figures, reaching 1,125. The total net worth of the group is $4.4 trillion, up $900 billion from last year. That is serious amount of wealth, what say?


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