What happened on the day you were born, Find Out!


Want to have ride into the past? Interested in knowing important things that happened on the day you were born? Well, Kakorama is a cool web play for nostalgic view of events and stuff related to a day important to you.

To get started, just select the date of your birth and hit ‘On Earth’ button (we are still on earth, right?). I was born on September 11 and most will know what happened on that. Here are few more interesting tit bits from that day:

  • September 11th, 1982 was a Saturday.
  • No1 song in US “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” by Chicago.
  • No1 songs in UK “Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor.
  • Average price of a dozen eggs in 1982 (USA) was $0.84

Besides you get to see, TIME Magazine cover for that week, famous people born on that day and other interesting things like Rolling Stone magazine cover, best Oscar picture and much more.

Click ‘in the Sky’ button to see information of your astrological signs of types including: zodiac, Celtic, Aztec, Egyptian and Chinese astrology. Besides, see the picture on how the moon was looking on that day!

‘I’m martian’ button will tell your next birth date, if you were on Mars. Also, see other information about life on Mars. Head over to Kakorama for nostalgic view of events and things on the day you were born!



  1. Looks quite interesting my birthday on mars coming up next year in Feb

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