Save Energy & MONEY – Google Got Tips for you !


Winter is approaching (& so is Halloween), shorter days will shoot up energy bills to new height. Google got some practical and useful tips to save energy and money.

With few simple tasks you can save on electricity and help reduce CO2 emission. Do you turn OFF game console when not in use?

NO – then you are spending extra $100 per game console every year with 1700 pounds of harmful CO2 contribution to environment.

Other tips include use of energy efficient CFLs instead of regular hot-as-heck lightbulbs. Also, use of programmable thermostat set help prevent energy guzzling by heating and cooling systems at your place.

AND for all computer users, please turn OFF your PCs (& laptops) when not in use. You can end up saving $40 per system in an year and help reduce 650 pounds of CO2 contribution.

Click here and see how much energy (& money) you can save by performing few simple steps. Google also has detailed energy saving tips – just for you!

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  1. Thanks for the link and info on Google. Also, I found another site which gave some ways to save electricity, many which are free But always looking for more good advice, so any more tips/links appreciated. Thanks

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