Save Energy & MONEY – Google Got Tips for you !

Winter is approaching (& so is Halloween), shorter days will shoot up energy bills to new height. Google got some practical and useful tips to save energy and money. With few simple tasks you can save on electricity and help reduce CO2 emission. Do you turn OFF game console when not

Configure your computer to Turn OFF Automatically

Many times computer is sitting idle because one had to attend some phone call or person at the door. This degrades and reduces the ideal working duration of the computer. Also, this results in wastage of power (electricity). You can optimize energy consumption of your computer by using a

Fight Global Warming by Installing a Software on your Computer

A 2.5MB software installed on your computer can help you flight Global Warming and reduce overall energy consumption. This may sound weird but this concept is based on a sane logic. Software in focus till now has saved energy equal to: 1131475.2 Gallons of Oil and 124933.72 Trees with