Its Bday time, Microsoft Windows turn 22yrs old


Microsoft Windows is another year older and is now 22 years old. Microsoft Windows is important part of life for most of people hooked to computers. Even non-Windows users know very well about this Microsoft product.

Windows 1.0 was introduced on Nov 20, 1985 almost 22 years ago. Windows have come long way since then. Windows XP being most popular and in demand operating system in Windows series.

By the time Windows XP was maturing Microsoft introduced Windows Vista. In its well known ways to push products, it went all out to make users use Windows Vista. With initial hiccups Vista has also found the right direction, even though loyalties are still with Windows XP.

Microsoft is looking to achieve the 1 billion install base with Windows by mid 2008. It will continue development of Windows platform. It has also committed for next version of Windows seven (7) by year 2010.

Hmmm… seems like Windows has ever evolving future with newer versions being dished out after every few years, what say? [via]


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