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There are number of online service to create websites, however not many options are available if your are looking to create a ‘Flash based website or content’ Well, here comes a very good and free option to create flash based websites online ‘Wix’

Using this service you can create websites, blogs, greeting cards etc. You do not need any design or programming experience to use it.

Besides, it has easy to use with ‘Drag and Drop’ functionality.You can also upload graphics from local computer or integrate content from Youtube, Flicker, facebook etc.

Publish– You can publish the content created by Wix anywhere you want to. You can publish as standalone site or embed into any site, social network or blog.

Free – Wix is free for all the users, however some very advanced features may go paid in future.

Need– Well, you can create that so difficult Flash content on the fly without any professional know-how. Also content created with Wix work with search engine as Wix is XML based. Let lose your creativity, start designing or creating!

Wix : Wix Website

This service is Beta as of now, however you can easily get an invite by submitting your name and email address.



  1. is cool for all who want to make their web!!!i use it its good,am trying to master it so that i we be making webs using it!!!it is easy,buy any one knowz where will i get a free dot com domain

    Ya fellow designer

  2. Hello, I am a member of Wix and I don’t use the flash software they use. I can also help you guys out if you need flash developed. Email me at:

  3. Creation Beyond Imagination

  4. Hi Kunal… Recently there was an update for Adobe Flash Player.

    On opening wix website I also got prompt to install Flash Player update.After the update install, I rebooted the system.

    After that Wix website worked absolutely fine. Give another shot to it!

  5. Doesn’t worl. Keeps asking to install Flash player for some reason. Tried it in IE and Firefox. Same problem.

  6. hi how r u

  7. can someone invite me? im dying to get invited.. its been a month :(

    coreanex at gmail dot com… tia..

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