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Many of use Blogger to publish our views and thoughts. Leaving WordPress, Blogger is the most used blogging platform in the world. Besides it being free, it is really easy to use and work with. Just like thoughts in every blog differs, everyone wants a unique look to his/her blog. But with limited Blogger Templates this gets complicated. In new blogger (formerly Blogger Beta) with same template you can make number different looking templates by changing color and font. Here is the list of sites from where you can Download Blogger Templates:

1. Geckoandfly [] – First on my list is Gecko and fly, because my site also uses template made by them. They offer really professional templates. Geckoandfly has both Classic Blogger Templates and New Blogger Templates.

2. Blogger-templates at blogspot [] – This blog offer you fancy, flowery templates. Really good for niche topic blogs. Besides templates it also has useful posts for how to in blogging, like adding Google talk box to your blog.

3. Thrbrtemplates [] – If you want really clean interface blog templates with 2 and 3 column fexibility, then this is the link you need to check out. Don’t forget to the go through some interesting posts on how to tweak/modify new blogger templates… worth reading!

4. Free Blogspot Templates [] – Some really cool three column templates are available on this site. New template named Nyoba is interesting.

5. Blogger Templates by Aman [] – If you want really different looking templates then you should be on this site. All the templates follow theme like Yoga, Ice Skating, Harry Potter, Tour De France, Pink Flowers and more.

6. Blogger Templates at Noipa [] – Good collection of both text based and graphics based templates.

7. Blog Skins [] – Big collection of user contributed templates. Make sure you have enough time to surf through collection in here.

8. Template Panic [] – Nice site for three column templates. Standard two column Blogger templates are available in three column format here.

9. Eris Template Generator – [ – Not available now] Interesting link where one can make templates by mixing features of available template. If you are confused which template to choose, spend some time here to mix and match.

10. Blogger Templates by Caz [] – Extremely graphic and beautiful templates made by Caz. All the templates here only work with classic blogger!

11. Pannasmontata Templates – [ – Not available now] Diverse collection of different kinds of blogger templates. About 60 templates to choose from.

Hope you have found some interesting template for your blog using above links. If you have any new link offering blogger template please let me know via email our you can add a comment. I will keep updating this list. Happy blogging!




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    and i’ll add another great blogger templates source. have alot of templates too.

  3. I’m using Neo from Hackosphere. This was materialised by Ramani.

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